T441 Family

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T441 Family

Industrial M.2 2280 Embedded Module


  • Compliant with PCIe Gen 4x4 interface
  • Compliance: NVMe 1.4/ PCI Express Base 4.0
  • TLC NAND flash memory
  • Capacity: 480GB ~ 3840GB
  • With DRAM Buffer
  • End-to-End data protection
  • SLC write cache technology
  • Dynamic Thermal throttling
  • Operating as boot disk
  • Static and dynamic wear leveling
Cervoz Industrial M.2 2280 Embedded Module T441 family is a Solid State Flash Disk product that is in compliance with the M.2 and PCIe Gen 4x4 standards. M.2 2280 T441 family fits in any M.2 2280(M) sockets in a PC or motherboard; it can be used for both booting and storage purposes. In addition, T441 family possess next-level performance, sequential read up to 7,100 MB/s, 3.5 times faster than Gen 3x4 solution and 12.9 times faster than SATA III solution.

T441 family uses TLC NAND Flash. Cervoz's firmware builds in a powerful ECC algorithm call Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) decoding to improve data reliability. Meanwhile, M.2 2280 T441 family with heatsink design to heat dissipation effectively and achieve the best performance. This product includes various capacities to choose from. T441 family offers outstanding performance and reliability; the product family is a perfect solution for multi-tasking capabilities and heavy work-load industrial applications.

Titan Series (TLC)
Form Factor
M.2 2280
PCIe Gen4x4
M.2 (M)
NAND Flash Type
Dimension (LxWxH/mm)
80.00 x 22.00 x 3.50
Sequential Read
up to 7,100 MB/s
Sequential Write
up to 6,190 MB/s
ECC Scheme
>3,000,000 hours
Terabyte Written (TBW)
480GB : 703, 960GB : 1406, 1920GB : 2813, 3840GB : 5625
Operating Temperature: Standard Temp.
0°C ~ 70°C
Supply Voltage
3.3V DC +/-5%
Power Consumption
Active mode: < 11W, Idle mode: < 2W
With DRAM Buffer
Specialty Technology
End-to-End data protection, SLC write cache technology, Dynamic Thermal throttling
Conformal Coating
Anti-Vibration Fill
Standard Temp. (0°C ~ 70°C) Capacity
CIE-M8T441OMV480GS 480GB
CIE-M8T441ONV960GS 960GB
CIE-M8T441OOV1920S 1920GB
CIE-M8T441OPV3840S 3840GB
Date Document Type Capacity
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