Industrial Grade Wide Temperature SSD

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Wide Temperature

Cervoz's Wide Temperature flash and memory modules are designed for extreme environments, capable of withstanding temperatures from -40˚C to 85˚C. Wide Temperature denotes memory and storage products that support a wider than typical range of temperatures in which they can maintain normal function.

Operating in temperatures ranging from -40˚C to 85˚C, Cervoz's wide-temperature offerings are included in Industrial Grade Wide-Temperature SSD and DRAM Module product lines. These solutions are crafted for top-notch stability and durability across various conditions, suitable for applications like fanless embedded systems, military, rack-mounted servers and data centers, transportation, and outdoor facilities, where extreme and drastically fluctuating temperatures are common. 

The durability and reliability of Cervoz’s wide-temp industrial modules stem from the use of top-quality components from major brands, sophisticated engineering, and hardware-software-integrated overheating prevention and protection mechanisms.  This design ensures data protection and consistent functionality, even under harsh conditions.

In addition to their robust designs, these modules feature advanced thermal management technology, including dynamic throttling and thermal sensors that actively manage heat and prevent thermal shocks, contributing to their reliability. The integration of thermal sensors with Cervoz FlashMonitor enables timely temperature monitoring and alerts, helping to prevent overheating and potential data loss. Cervoz’s Industrial Grade Wide-Temperature SSDs and memory modules are indispensable for reliable performance in rugged and demanding environments.