Protect Your Data with Cervoz’s Thoughtful Power Loss Protection

BLOG 2023.06.29

Protect Your Data with Cervoz’s Thoughtful Power Loss Protection Technology

Protect Your Data with Cervoz’s Thoughtful Power Loss Protection Technology

In the fast-paced world of computing, solid-state drives (SSDs) have become indispensable storage components for individuals and businesses alike. These high-performance storage solutions offer enhanced reliability and superior speed compared to traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) that rely on traditional spinning-platter technology. However, SSDs also have their own vulnerabilities, particularly when it comes to data loss caused by power outages. Here, we will explore how Cervoz SSDs employ power loss protection techniques to provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable data.

Advanced Power Loss Protection for Uninterrupted Operations

One of the primary concerns with SSDs is the risk of data loss during sudden power outages. Cervoz addresses this issue through a thoughtful Power Lost Protection mechanism, integrating key techniques: Safeguard, Voltguard, Circuitguard and Powerguard. These features minimize the risk of data loss and SSD crashes while enhancing the stability and reliability of Cervoz SSDs.
Safeguard– Protecting Data Integrity with VDT and Firmware Mechanism 

With the Cervoz Safeguard function, its VDT (Voltage Detector) mechanism enables SSD to proactively detect a sudden power failure, immediately notify the controller, and stop receiving commands to avoid mapping table and NAND firmware corruption. When the system power is resumed, this mechanism can ensure the ability of NAND firmware to rebuild the mapping table, reducing the possibility of data loss.

When new data is written to SSD, NAND firmware always updates the mapping table to NAND flash; that’s what we named backup information. With a preserved backup information copy of the good data, the firmware and mapping table can seamlessly recover to a previously known reliable state if a sudden power loss corrupts the current write operations. This ensures data integrity and safeguards against potential corruption caused by unexpected power interruptions.

Safeguard– Protecting Data Integrity with VDT and Firmware Mechanism 

Simply put, the Safeguard function is just like a shield, proactively preventing data loss caused by power disruptions and safeguarding your valuable data on the NAND flash.
Voltguard & Circuitguard – Preventing Damage from Abnormal Currents and Voltages

Cervoz SSDs go beyond safeguarding against power outages by incorporating integrated protection measures including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), and OCP (Over Current Protection). These intelligent functions enable SSDs to detect and respond swiftly to abnormal currents and voltages. The Cervoz Voltguard function enables SSDs to start-up within a stable voltage range, preventing damage caused by unstable voltage.  Additionally, through the Cervoz Circuitguard function, when the SSD current is abnormal, it will automatically power off, preventing potential damage to the SSD or entire system operation, and ensuring data integrity.  Once the abnormal conditions pass, the SSD rapidly restores normal operating conditions, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operations. These protections provide primary detection mechanisms for monitoring the power offered by the host.

Voltguard & Circuitguard – Preventing Damage from Abnormal Currents and Voltages


Voltguard & Circuitguard – Preventing Damage from Abnormal Currents and Voltages

Powerguard for Data Safety – Ensuring Data Integrity with Powerguard Technology

Cervoz's Powerguard technology guarantees a consistent power supply for an extended duration immediately when detecting an unexpected power decline. When the working voltage drops below standard, the Power Management IC will immediately activate the protection mechanism and deliver sufficient electricity to SSD, allowing all data in the DRAM buffers to be entirely written back to NAND Flash securely and integrally.

Typically, the average time for the backup power discharge to complete data storage takes 40ms, varying based on the complexity or size of the computing task. Cervoz's Powerguard technology can provide a maximum buffer time of up to 250ms, ensuring the data has enough time to be written entirely. The Cervoz Powerguard provides ample time for complete data storage, minimizing the risk of data loss.

Powerguard for Data Safety

Protect Your Data with Cervoz SSDs - Your Shield Against Power Disruptions

Choose Cervoz SSDs for reliable, efficient, and secure data storage. With our advanced power loss protection, your valuable data remains safe and accessible. Say goodbye to worries about data loss from power outages. Invest in Cervoz SSDs and safeguard your business from unexpected disruptions. Trust in Cervoz for data security.

Cervoz SSDs that Provide Power Loss Protection Capabilities
▪  Safeguard : All Flash Storage
▪  Voltguard : All 2.5” SATA SSD
▪  Circuitguard : All Flash Storage
▪  Powerguard : R336/M336/M339/T376 Family

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