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  • 24-11-2020
    5G Application Solutions

      The future will be fast-paced, thanks to 5G technology and edge computing. Delays in data transmission will be virtually nonexistent, and network operations will be near instantaneous. While edge computing has existed before 5G networks' rollout, the dawn of the 5G era means that the two can work hand-in-hand to provide higher bandwidth and lower latency than ever before in computing and processing. With the speed of 5G and the convenience of edge computing, so many smart applications, for factories, traffic, AR/VR, etc., can and are becoming realities.   The interconnected ecosystem formed by network technology, edge computing and applications is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things. The interconnectivity underlying the network is what allows machines to communicate with each other and intelligently operate. As technological advancements continue to take place, we are in the early stages of multi-access edge computing (MEC), which further decentralizes running applications and performing related processes so that it is closer to the end users. While we are still a way off from this capability, it is time to think about the architecture of it all.                   Cervoz has been preparing for the future by designing and developing storage and memory solutions that work for the network. Our M.2 2280 NVMe SSD uses TLC technology for a high IOPS, as well as End-to-End Data Protection so data integrity is always maintained. Even while operating at such intensity, the SSDs can keep from overheating because of our dynamic thermal throttling feature and heatsink kit. The former is a software mechanism that automatically slows down performance if the device gets too hot, while the latter is a hardware that assists in the cooling down process.  For volatile memory, Cerovz offers the DDR4 32GB 3200MHz DRAM Module, which boasts high capacity and high performance, all the while consuming less power than previous models.   

  • 10-11-2020
    Factory Automation Solutions

      Have you ever thought about the factories that manufacture your holiday presents? Like Santa's workshop, these places work around the clock to make sure that the shelves in stores and online are stocked for you. In recent years, more and more factories have gone autonomous, letting robots do the heavy lifting for maximum productivity and consistent quality.     This year, two key developments, the COVID-19 pandemic and 5G technology deployment, have accelerated factory automation. While the former has stressed the need for relying less on the human workforce, the latter has made it possible to use robotics instead. As the world learns to cope with COVID-19 and social distancing and work from home regulations, factory automation can help manufacturing and production meet deadlines as if nothing has changed.    An automated factory, commonly known as a smart factory, requires connectivity.  Whereas a traditional factory has people working in sync, a smart factory has machines doing so instead. Machines are communicating with each other at all times, so data transmission needs to be uninterrupted. This key requirement calls for a strong wireless connection that is both stable and secure. Furthermore, the processing power and subsequent machine learning and decision making must be of the top caliber in order to reap the benefits of automation.  For hardware, it is unsurprising that not all component parts are suitable for the factory setting. In a factory, conditions like extreme heat, exhaust and other discharges, and constant vibration make even the most firmly-built machinery prone to breakdown. The modules and other parts needed for factory automation need to cope with the environmental challenges, and consistently and reliably perform in the transmitting and storing of information. Any lag in processing power could cause a glitch in the system that would delay the timely production and delivery of the consumer goods.                              Cervoz offers much-needed features, such as Powerguard (power loss protection) and conformal coating, with our products for factory automation applications. Our Flash and DRAM modules are highly reliable and stable to work 24/7. Our Mini PCIe Expansion Cards will maintain the connectivity amongst the machines. For wireless transmission, we offer the MEC-WiFi; for wired transmission, we offer the MEC-LAN. For other extensions, we have the MEC-COM solution that allows for connection to RS232/422/485 devices. Together, our products will automate your factory from network to machine. With our products, you can download the Cervoz FlashMonitor, our exclusive software monitor system that lets you know remotely how our solutions are performing and notifies you in real time if anything is wrong.    Contact a Cervoz Sales Representative to learn more about our factory automation solutions!  

  • 20-10-2020
    Cervoz's Military Grade SSDs for Your Mission-Critical Applications

      Defense and Military missions are serious matters of safety and security. There is no room for error or failure, from human to mechanical. Given the variety of situations and environments that missions take place in, mission-critical applications need to have excellent performance, extreme reliability and superb durability.     We at Cervoz have designed and developed a family of Military Grade SSDs that is compliant with the U.S. Military Standard MIL-STD-810G and delivers on performance and reliability. Our Military Grade SSDs come with many much-needed functions for the rugged environment and security risks that mission-critical applications may encounter. All Military Grade SSDs have been tested to withstand a wide range of temperature conditions, from -40˚C~85˚C, and intense shock and vibration.   Other functions such as the Cervoz Powerguard and AES 256-bit encryption provide multiple layers of protection and security for the data from power failure and any leakage. For mission-critical applications, we offer only the best.     For more details, please contact a Cervoz Sales Representative now!  

  • 06-10-2020
    Cervoz 3D TLC Powerguard SSD_Power Loss Protection

      Cervoz's M.2 2280 T376 family is the latest SSD product in a line-up that combines TLC technology with advanced data protection features. The line-up consists of products with two other form factors, 2.5" SATA and mSATA, all of which come with the Powerguard function.  Powerguard (Power Loss Protection) is a Cervoz-developed technology that provides extra power during a power outage to complete the saving of data, thus preventing any data loss. Furthermore, unlike the earlier MLC series, the TLC series comes with the option of a write-protect feature. When the write-protect feature is turned on, these SSDs will be read-only, and no user will be able to write over or delete any data from them. This feature provides an additional layer of data security, whereby data is protected from any tampering or malicious use.      T376 Family Form Factor 2.5” SATA  mSATA M.2 2280 Special Functions Powerguard (Power Loss Protection) Write Protect (Optional) Capacity 128GB~2TB 128GB~1TB 128GB~1TB DRAM Buffer Included Sequential  Read/ Write (MB/s) Up to  560 / 495 Up to  560 / 480 Up to  555 / 475 Standard Temp. Wide Temp. 0˚C~70˚C -40˚C~85˚C 0˚C~70˚C -40˚C~85˚C 0˚C~70˚C -40˚C~85˚C Application Factory Automation / Government Agency  Financial Institution / Casino Gaming ** Actual performance may differ based on different using conditions and environment.  

  • 25-08-2020
    Cervoz Launches New M.2 WiFi + BT5.0 Card

      Cervoz new MEC WiFi product, MEC-WIFI-2632B-30, is a highly integrated module that supports 2 stream 802.11ac solutions, multi-user MIMO with Wireless LAN (WLAN) PCI Express interface and integrated Bluetooth 5.0 USB interface simultaneously.  MEC-WIFI-2632B-30 provides a high performance, cost-effective, low power, compact solution that is easily utilized in Internet of Things (IoT), Automotive, Healthcare and Smart Home applications.      IEEE 802.11ac/a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0 2T2R M.2 2230 A/E key Card Realtek RTL8822CE Chipset Operating Temperature: 0˚C~70˚C Support Windows 10, Linux, Android Certification Compliance   More WiFi solution product, please visit  

  • 11-08-2020
    Cervoz Industrial Wide Temperature Storage & Memory Solution

      In 2020, the climate is becoming unpredictable with higher temperature.  Is your outdoor system able  to sustain such harsh environment?   Cervoz offers a variety of storage and memory product series to withstand wide temperature (-40˚C~85˚C). From product design, engineering verification to quality control, we perform the most rigorous inspections and test to ensure reliable performance for mission-critical applications under extreme and rapid temperature change.   Cervoz storage and memory products carry comprehensive form factors and various capacities.  Value- added service such as conformal coating can also be offered simultaneously.  It is applicable to industrial  applications, military, transportation, outdoor kiosks, and many others with harsh environments.                                       SSD2.5"     mSATA/CFast   M.2 2280/2242    SO-DIMM/DIMM   Come with In-house design Cervoz FlashMonitor software for comprehensive monitoring of real-time system temperature.  

  • 02-06-2020
    Cervoz 3D TLC Powerguard SSD Launched

      T376 Family Powerguard SSD Storage T376 Family Storage provides reliable, durable, and cost-effective solution for application where power-failure may take place.   The physical hardware design is able to provide 60 times of extra power to flush data from dram to flash than standard SSD storage, it's not only protecting data but also ensuring the integrity of SSD operations.  Meanwhile, special firmware design optimizes SSD functionality suitable for industrial applications.  Powerguard Test Find the best suitable products from two different form factors   T376 Family Form Factor 2.5” SATA  mSATA  Capacity 128GB~2TB 128GB~1TB DDR3 DRAM Buffer Included Sequential  Read/ Write (MB/s) Up to  560 / 495 Up to  560 / 480 Standard Temp. Wide Temp.    0˚C~70˚C -40˚C~85˚C    0˚C~70˚C -40˚C~85˚C ** Actual performance might differ based on different using conditions and environment.  

  • 05-05-2020
    High-Speed DDR4-3200 DRAM Dedicated to Industrial Application

      High-Speed DDR4-3200 DRAM Dedicated to Industrial Application AI and IoT (AIoT) are rapidly becoming more influential to our industry, causing not only the server equipment industry to grow tremendously but also need to utilize diversified edge-computing technologies in order to deal with the large AI data size for smooth and speedy transmission.                                           High-performance memory with stability is one of the key indispensable criteria to work with huge data transmission, which helps cooperates to keep up with massive data and take advantage of the huge business opportunities that it brings.                                                         Cervoz launched the DDR4-2933 and DDR4-3200    high-speed DRAM supported by the top-level memory  solution optimized for next-generation Intel Core 8/9/10 and AMD ZEN 2 3 Ryzen platforms working in Edge-computing, IoT, AIoT, Surveillance, Server applications.             DDR4 DIMM/ DDR4 SO-DIMM     

  • 21-04-2020
    How Essential Behind the Intelligent Surveillance

      Challenge High-quality intelligent video surveillance is playing a greater role in our society than ever before. The function of today's surveillance system has become more complex and smarter. Multi-window surveillance screens, high-resolution image processing, tracking and sensing capabilities are simply the prerequisites of basic requirement that even detection and analysis of abnormal body temperature and behavior are critical in public security segment.   Taking public transportation as an example, it is essential to recognize target on watch lists, monitor footfall traffic, analyze irregularity and detect hyperthermia passenger under real-time conditions.   Suggestion While writing in large volume of video streaming to storage, tons of information needs to be compared and verified with existing database, error-free analyze behavior has to be accurate in real-time. Cervoz provide state-of-the-art 3D TLC storage product has End-to-End Data Protection, Advanced LDPC ECC Engine to enhance data accuracy.  This technology can ensure the integrity and reliability of data transmission, covering the entire path from the host computer to the drive and back, furthermore, it can reduce the risk of system damage or shutdown due to data errors, thereby improving  system operation stability.     Cervoz 3D TLC T385 Family Storage size is up to 2TB capacity for selection with DRAM cache designed.  It does not only enhance performance but also increases system endurance for intelligent video surveillance under 24/7 working environment.                                                                      T385 Family 2.5" SSD/ mSATA For more details, please contact your Cervoz Sales Representative now.  

  • 06-04-2020
    Cervoz Compact, Fast and Reliable Industrial M.2 Solution

      Cervoz Compact, Fast & Reliable Industrial M.2 Solution To realize Industry automation more efficiently and make it more reliable in factory or equipment applications, it is crucial for the storage with timely data accuracy and transmission ability.   Cervoz provides comprehensive M.2 Form Factor Sizes (2242 / 2280) , Capacities ( 32GB to 2TB), NAND Technology (MLC / TLC ) and Speed (SATAIII / PCIe) solutions to fulfill all industrial PC needs.                                                                         Form Factor M.2 2242 M.2 2280 NAND Family MLC TLC MLC TLC Family M335 T380 T405 T435 M335 T380 T405 T435 Interface SATAIII SATAIII NVMe Gen3x4 NVMe Gen3x4 SATAIII SATAIII NVMe Gen3x4 NVMe Gen3x4 Capacity 32GB~ 128GB 64GB~ 1TB 64GB~ 1TB 128GB~ 1TB 32GB~ 256GB 64GB~ 2TB 128GB~ 1TB 128GB~ 1TB w/DRAM W.T. Available ** M.2 PCIe storage with Cervoz heatsink to enhance performance. For more details, please contact your Cervoz sales representative now!