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The Smallest Industrial Memory Module - DDR4 Very Low Profile SO-DIMM

Cervoz is pleased to offer the smallest DDR4 SO-DIMM Very Low Profile Industrial Memory Module which complies with JEDEC standards and is compatible with Intel®  Coffee Lake and Intel®  Purley platform.
Cervoz DDR4 Very Low Profile module saves 40% space than the standard module which is compatible with 1U devices or any embedded PCs have space limited application and also highly improve system heat dispersal.

  • Speed : 2133MT/s, 2400MT/s and up to 2666MT/s 
  • High-Bandwidth and Lower Power Consumption
  • Capacity : 4GB / 8GB (Single Rank only)
  • JEDEC Standard
  • RoHS Compliance
UDIMM modules are also available, please contact Cervoz sales team to know more details.


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