Reliability-Optimized MLC

(Cervoz Reliance Series)

The Cervoz Reliance Series uses the Reliability-Optimized MLC (RO-MLC) technology developed in-house to offer products with a high performance-price ratio to our customers. The RO-MLC technology uses MLC NAND but with a special firmware, it manipulates cell storage at the block level such that it simulates SLC technology and each block’s capacity is only half of that which MLC stores (2 bits per cell). This in turn enhances the flash module’s endurance and reliability.

The resulting RO-MLC has data retention capacity that is 5 times higher than the conventional MLC NAND Flash and reliability that is 10 times higher. Meanwhile, RO-MLC costs a fraction of what SLC does.

Our Reliance Series is a perfect solution for semi-industrial & industrial applications that require moderate to high read and write cycles while also needing cost-effective solutions. Cervoz offers the RO-MLC technology with various flash modules, including 2.5” SATA SSD, mSATA, CompactFlash Card, and CFast Card.