Anti-Vibration Fill

The Anti-Vibration Fill is a filling that can keep flash and DRAM modules intact and help protect it from shock and vibration. Constant vibration can cause chips and component parts to get disconnected and lead to poor contact or connection within any device. Similarly, when temperature conditions change quickly, the expansion and shrinkage of IC components can lead to shifting or disconnecting of the parts with the PCB. Cervoz uses an acrylic resin fill to secure PCB and main chips in their place and prevent solder joints from coming loose. Cervoz’s anti-vibration fill solution makes these storage and memory modules more shock-resistant, thus enhancing their robustness and lifespan.

The Anti-Vibration Fill comes with Cervoz’s military grade, in-vehicle application and other specific products. It can also be provided as a value-added service should it be required for customers’ business needs.