Conformal Coating

conformal coating now available for Cervoz flash and DRAM modules

Conformal coating is a thin protective film applied to products to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight. In any situation where the memory and storage modules must withstand harsh environments, conformal coating becomes a must-have to prevent damage or failure of the electronics while simultaneously increasing their lifecycle.  

Cervoz uses acrylic resin material for its conformal coating film, which can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -65°C to 125°C. The material has excellent flexibility and electrical properties, which makes it ideal as a coating for modules. Furthermore, acrylic resin fluoresces under UV light, which makes these products easy for inspection and repairing. By applying this IP-CC-CC-830B and MIL-I46058C qualified and UL/REACH/RoHS certified coating onto Cervoz products, they are fitting for automotive, marine, military, outdoor, industrial critical environment applications.