Powerguard (Power Loss Protection)

Powerguard is a Power Loss Protection (PLP) technology Cervoz developed in-house to protect the storage firmware and prevent ongoing written-in data loss during a power outage.

The Powerguard functions by providing additional power during an unexpected power outage so that the module can complete the flash write operation in progress and thus protect data integrity. When the module’s controller senses that power supplied is below a certain, predetermined level, it will inform the host to stop sending more data. Although data transmission has stopped, data remains in the DRAM, so the capacitors will provide the extra power to enable the remaining data to be flushed out to NAND and protect the firmware and mapping table simultaneously.

Cervoz’s Powerguard products are more durable and stable, with a discharge time that is up to 40 times faster than the standard SSD. They come in a variety of form factors and technologies to satisfy the needs of different market applications.