Blog Post: Storage Solution Design

Storage solutions are only as powerful as their component parts and featured technologies. While every storage solution has a finite number of Program/Erase cycles (P/E cycles) that it can perform, the right design combination ensures that no module fails and requires replacing before the expected life span is over. In this blog post, we give you an insider's explanation of how and why we design our Flash products the way we do so that we can guarantee high performance and reliability.

Understanding trends & demand

To develop any new family of storage solutions, we start by understanding the lay of the land. Questions that we need to have answers to are: What is the market trend? What are customers most concerned with? What are customers looking for that they are not finding? And, what need can we meet with a new product? Once we have settled on the answers to these questions, we will have an idea of what we want the new storage module to be able to do in terms of features and capabilities.

Finding the right controller

A module's controller determines what features the module will be able to have. We thus work with only the most reputable controller manufacturers to acquire the ones we need for our storage products. Controllers come with firmware, which enables the functions of the hardware, so finding the right controller means getting the right firmware that can guarantee steady performance.
Our website has a list of these Flash features and functions. Depending on the firmware, the module can, for instance, ensure stability with the Advanced LDPC ECC Engine and End-to-End Data Protection, or promote longevity with Bad Block Management and Wear Leveling.
Using quality, original ICs from major brands
A NAND Flash IC, or integrated circuit and often referred to as a chip, is the last core component, besides the controller and the firmware, that makes up the module. Together, the three components allow the module to function properly. This important role ICs play is precisely why we only use original ICs from big brand manufacturers such as Micron and Kioxia. Original ICs are guaranteed to perform the prescribed number of P/E cycles by IC manufacturers, so from the get-go, our modules can deliver on reliability and guarantee endurance.

Configuring with necessary technology

Our in-house R&D team designs the physical layout and function of the module before assembling it all together with the acquired parts. Once we have assembled the module, we run an EVT (Engineer Verification Test) to make sure that it performs as intended. Whether it is high-performance, reliability, or any sort of protection, we can design the module to be equipped with these features. We continue to run a series of strict tests throughout different stages of development to make sure that our modules can deliver what our customers are looking for before launching them in the market.


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