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Electronic Gaming Machines

Upon arriving at a casino, what most patrons will see are rows and rows of game machines. These electronic gambling machines, though easy to use, are hard to beat, which is why casinos have so many of them.

Most gambling machines are slot machines, which feature a simple game of chance whereby you win if you get a certain combination of the randomly generated symbols. Essentially, this is a game of probability, especially as these machines have been computerized, so what makes it hard to win is the sheer number of combinations available.

With these gaming machines digitized, the one thing that casinos cannot have is a fail in the flow of data. The excitement that players get with these machines is that they can play, seemingly with no end in sight, and every time they pull the lever, the reels will spin and stop on a symbol.



Cervoz has worked with a number of customers specializing in making these machines. We generally recommend the T376 family of products: 2.5” SATA SSD and mSATA modules with a power loss protection as well as layers of data protection. Otherwise known as the Powerguard products, these Flash modules provide the extra boost of energy during a power failure to ensure that data being processed gets stored away.

This mechanism is useful even in a casino where backup generators should be plentiful because in that split second between the electricity going out and the generator kicks in, data can easily be lost. The lost data presents a weird situation for both players and the casino where the odds of beating a game may change, which is why casinos try their best to avoid any data loss.

In a similar way, data can be lost or manipulated by hackers. Once again, this would affect the probability of winning, which is why Cervoz's Powerguard products also come with a physical write-protect function and AES-256 bit encryption. When switched on, the write protect makes these products read-only so that no one can tamper with them. Similarly, the AES-256 bit encryption is the largest bit size encryption currently available, which makes the products virtually impenetrable by brute force.

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