Challenges & Requirements
Technology is a staple of modern-day health care. Patient charts and information have been digitized; routine surgeries have been robotized. When health care depends so much on computers, how these machines operate is quite literally a matter of life and death. In healthcare, doctor-patient confidentiality requires that data privacy is well-protected and data leaks avoided. Emergency medical conditions necessitate fast scans and imaging, and robot-assisted surgeries need accuracy and precision. At the most basic level, these applications require stable and reliable storage modules for the transmission and storage of data.

Machines used in the medical field must function continuously 24/7 and cannot afford to malfunction. Cervoz offers various reliable and durable flash modules with differing technologies, form factors, memory storage capacities, and functions to best meet the needs of medicine and medical professionals. Our products work around the clock to facilitate the work of doctors and other medical professionals. Certain families of products also come with the Powerguard function to offer extra power during power failure so as to preserve patients' data integrity. 

Featured Technologies
A function protects the firmware against power outage by providing extra power during such events to complete the saving of data and thus prevent any data loss.
A coupling that uses the DRAM’s lack of programming and erase time limitations to enhance the SSD’s performance and endurance.