Server/Cloud Computing

Challenges & Requirements
Servers are the backbone of computing. These machines, whether physical or virtual, facilitate the smooth running of a computer program or process by sharing data. Their importance to the function of all computing applications is undeniable; a good server must meet three key requirements: 24-hour, non-stop performance, reliability and endurance. To meet the criteria, a good server needs, at its core, top-quality data storage capabilities. After all, the transmission of data begins with the storage of data. 

The answer for server and cloud computing applications is storage that is both reliable and cost-effective. Only with both qualities can servers maintain non-stop data transmission and storage. Cervoz has a line of SSD products that delivers on both. 
Cervoz's Reliability-Optimized MLC (RO-MLC) technology was developed with performance and price in mind. RO-MLC is significantly more powerful than the typical MLC but comes at a fraction of the price of the typical SLC. These Cervoz SSDs have all been tested to ensure reliability and endurance. Other than RO-MLC, Cervoz flash modules come available with SLC, MLC and TLC technology, presenting a variety of offerings to meet customer needs.

Featured Technologies
A technology that uses MLC NAND but with a special firmware to simulate the mechanism of SLC technology to enhance endurance and reliability.
A coupling that uses the DRAM's lack of programming and erase time limitations to enhance the SSD's performance and endurance.
A Cervoz-developed software to monitor in real-time the function and health of Cervoz's disk products. The software can predict to a level of certainty the products' life expectancy and alert users when they may need to be replaced.