Retail & Service Industry

Challenges & Requirements
Technology has transformed how the retail and service industry operates. Everything from the cash register to self-order kiosks has a computer inside that processes payments and orders. When a business transaction is taking place, data protection is of the utmost priority. Businesses need applications that are protected against data loss and hacking. To ensure the flow of business, these applications also need to avoid system crashes and computing errors, and in the case of outdoor systems, safeguard against unstable power supply.

At Cervoz, we understand your business needs and have an entire series of flash modules to support them. Our products not only use the most advanced 3D NAND technology and high-quality components, but have write-protection hardware designed to safeguard your applications' data as well as the Cervoz FlashMonitor to keep track of each product's life expectancy and get notifications of its health in advance of any major issues. These solutions complement the memory and storage products to perform at the highest level for the fast-paced world of retail and service. 

Featured Technologies
A function that makes the data read-only and prevents any tampering, leaks or malicious use by unauthorized third parties.
A Cervoz-developed software to monitor in real-time the function and health of Cervoz's disk products. The software can predict to a level of certainty the products' life expectancy and alert users when they may need to be replaced.
A function protects the firmware against power outage by providing extra power during such events to complete the saving of data and thus prevent any data loss.