Industry 4.0 & Smart Factories

Challenges & Requirements
The goal of industrialization has always been to facilitate manufacturing and production. Nowadays, Industry 4.0 uses the interconnectivity and intercommunication of computers and machines in a factory to make the process more automatic. A key requirement for this Industrial IoT system is the stable transmission of data. If one component in the IIOT ecosystem breaks down, the whole smart factory operation could be jeopardized. If an unexpected power outage occurs, data could be lost and function could be compromised. A well-functioning smart factory can allow business owners to produce more efficiently and save on costs.

Reliability is a must in automation, starting at the basics with the flash modules used in the factory computers. Cervoz's memory and storage solutions are all IIOT-compatible, professionally designed to function under factory conditions and requirements. These products guarantee consistent performance and reliability so that production can meet its tight schedules without any unexpected system crashes. Technologies such as the Powerguard function and conformal coating provide extra layers of protection to ensure durability against typical factory environmental factors.

Featured Technologies  

A function protects the firmware against power outage by providing extra power during such events to complete the saving of data and thus prevent any data loss.
A thin protective film that can be applied to any product to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight.