Rugged & Defense

Challenges & Requirements
Robust storage is non-negotiable in defense and military applications. Soldiers are often stationed in remote and rugged places put strains on their equipment. For the sake of mission-critical operations, these devices, whether they be for communication or data transmission, need to be dependable and durable. The sensitive nature of the military-related information demands that these equipment come with one more special function: a self-destruct function, so that if they fall into the wrong hands, they cannot be accessed.

Robust storage comes with many different specifications, but not all meet the requirements for defense and military purposes. The Cervoz Military SSD family is designed specifically in compliance with the U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810G. As dictated by the standard, all SSDs in this series have been tested and proven to be able to sustain the harsh environment likely to be experienced in their service life. These products also have multiple layers of data security features and functions, including AES 256-bit data encryption, write-protect, quick-erase and self-physical destruction, to keep confidential information safe. 

Featured Technologies

A function that makes the data read-only and prevents any tampering, leaks or malicious use by unauthorized third parties.
A function whereby a high voltage input is released to burn out the NAND flash IC, permanently erasing any data stored and rending the product unusable.