Submarine System

SUCCESS STORY 2021.06.16

Submarine System

Case Background

A submarine is not something you see every day. Even in the IPC market, customers who work on application devices for submarines are rare, which is what makes this case study interesting. 

Our customer is a leading manufacturer of monitoring and control systems for leisure and commercial vessels. Cervoz first met a representative from the company at a trade show in 2018. The customer was browsing for storage solutions suitable for its submarine systems, a search that developed into a longstanding relationship between the customer and Cervoz.

Customer's Requirem
As far as memory cell capabilities go, SLC (single-level cell) technology offers the most endurance and reliability. The technology, as its name suggests, stores one bit of data per cell, giving storage modules that employ SLC technology the advantage of higher write speeds and longer life span. The disadvantage is that SLC NAND flash products are much more expensive than their MLC or TLC counterparts.

Our customer wanted a cheaper alternative to the SLC flash module without compromising on performance or reliability. Since submarines embark on mission-critical operations that can prove very dangerous if anything goes wrong, our customer needed to make sure that an alternative that could match SLC technology's performance was possible. If not, they would rather stick with the SLC products, even if they were more expensive.

Cervoz's Solution & Advantage

Upon learning of this customer's needs, we knew that our RO-MLC could be the right alternative. Cervoz RO-MLC products use MLC NAND but with a special firmware that manipulates cell storage at the block level such that it simulates SLC technology and each block's capacity is only half of that which MLC stores (2 bits per cell). The resulting module has enhanced endurance and reliability.

For the submarine system, we recommended the 32GB R335 family storage module. We, with the technical support of our engineer team, provided the customer with information about the RO-MLC module's capabilities, such as data retention that is 5 times higher than the conventional MLC module's and reliability that is 10 times higher. These proved to the customer that the RO-MLC modules were more than enough to serve as an alternative to the SLC modules they were using at the time. Furthermore, the RO-MLC cost a fraction (4 to 6 times less) than the SLC.

Data Retention 



Throughout our partnership that continues since 2018, made possible because of our long-term product availability, the customer has also ordered our DDR3-SO DIMM to support their volatile memory needs. Both our Flash and DRAM modules can come with a layer of conformal coating which protects the product from moisture or other environmental factors an application device within a submarine may encounter.

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