Industrial SATA SSD

BLOG 2024.03.11

Industrial SATA SSD

Industrial SATA SSDs-1

Cervoz industrial SATA SSDs leverage solid-state flash memory and connect via a versatile SATA interface. They are uniquely designed to thrive in industrial settings, ensuring robust performance even under extreme temperatures, vibrations, and continuous operation.

Industrial SATA SSD Key Features

  • High-Speed Data Transfer: The SATA interface offers a bandwidth up to 6Gb/s, facilitating swift and efficient operations.
  • Hot-Swapping Capability: Ensures uninterrupted performance and ease of maintenance.
  • Compact and Cost-Effective: Reduced cable size cuts costs without compromising quality.
  • Enhanced Data Integrity: Superior error correction boosts reliability, a hallmark of our top-quality components.
  • Backward Compatibility: Seamless integration with previous SATA versions, ensuring versatility. 

Industrial SATA SSD Applications

Including, but not limited to:
  • Industrial Automation: Unmatched reliability for automated and interconnected environments.
  • Embedded Computing: Cervoz SATA-interface modules come in diverse compact form-factors to suit diverse space-constrained systems. 
  • Healthcare: Vital for medical imaging devices, providing speed and precision.
  • Military Use: Exceptional reliability makes it ideal for rugged and military applications.  

Industrial SATA SSD Product Lines

1. Titan Series (TLC)
  • Models: T376, T380, T385
  • Capacities: 64GB to 2TB
  • Sequential Speeds: Up to 560MB/s Read, 530MB/s Write
  • Features: Equipped with 3D TLC NAND for cost-effective, high-density storage. All series include wide-temperature models for reliable performance in extreme conditions (–40°C ~ 85°C). The T376 and T385 models feature a DRAM buffer acting as a cache to reduce P/E cycle and enhance durability and lifespan. Meanwhile, the T376 line features Powerguard technology to provide additional power during sudden power cuts to enhance data integrity. Across the series, a built-in thermal throttling mechanism ensures stable performance and prevents overheating, while additional anti-vibration filling and conformal coating benefit the SSDs' durability and longevity. 
  • Form Factors: CFast, mSATA, M.2 2242/ 2280, Half Size mSATA, Half Slim, SATA Disk 7 pin (Vertical Tall / Horizontal Left)
2. Momentum Series (MLC)
  • Models: M335, M336, M339, M350, M360
  • Capacities: 4GB to 512GB
  • Sequential Speeds: Up to 560MB/s Read, 470MB/s Write. 
  • Features: Utilizing advanced MLC NAND technology for superior durability and reliability, ideal for demanding applications. Besides the above-mentioned DRAM buffer (M335, M336, M339) and Powerguard (M336, M339) technology, the M339 model is military-grade compliant, ensuring optimal data security, high reliability, and durability under extreme conditions.  
  • Form Factors: CFast, mSATA, M.2 2242/ 2280, Half Size mSATA, Half Slim, SATA Disk 7 pin (Vertical Tall / Horizontal Left / Vertical Short)
3. Reliance Series (RO-MLC)
  • Models: R335, R336
  • Capacities: 16GB to 256GB
  • Sequential Speeds: Up to 550MB/s Read, 465MB/s Write.  
  • Features:  The series combines MLC NAND with specialized firmware to emulate SLC, halving block capacity for five times greater data retention and ten times higher reliability, all at a fraction of SLC's cost. This series is ideal for users seeking high performance while aiming to balance cost-effectiveness. The models also feature DRAM buffer (R335, R336)  and Powerguard (R336) technology to deliver optimal durability and superior data protection during diverse operational settings, ensuring continuous operation.  
  • Form Factors: 2.5" SSD, CFast, mSATA, M.2 2242 / 2280.
4. Supreme Series (SLC)
  • Models: S304, S350
  • Capacities: 8GB to 128GB
  • Sequential Speeds: Up to 510MB/s Read, 420MB/s Write.
  • Features:  The series employs advanced Single-Level Cell (SLC) technology, renowned for exceptional performance and durability. SLC provides superior data retention and endurance, making it ideal for high-demanding applications. Optimized for long-term use, the Supreme Series is designed to maintain consistent performance even in prolonged and intensive usage scenarios, ensuring reliability over extended periods. 
  • Form Factors: 2.5" SSD, CFast, mSATA, SATA Disk 7 pin (Vertical Tall / Horizontal Left / Vertical Short)