Accelerate AMRs Deployment

NEWS 2022.06.29

Accelerate AMRs Deployment

Accelerate AMRs Deployment with Cervoz

For the past few years, businesses increasingly turned to automation to address the fast-changing environment as the Covid-19 virus beset the world. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and even robots can accomplish jobs done by humans. Will they replace the human workforce? Some might tend to think it will be the case. But if there is ever a severe labor shortage, we will need all technological help.

One of the earliest industries where robots are making the most significant impact is in the manufacturing domain. However, the advanced technology wave has pushed not only the robot itself to autonomous mobile robots but has also spread to various industrial fields, such as retail, banking, healthcare, and agriculture, to name a few.

Why Adopt Autonomous Mobile Robots?

Starting to leverage the technology of AMRs can transform a business workflow. AMRs provide other benefits as well.
Work Faster & More Effectively
AMRs give manufacturers and distributors an automated way to transport materials from various loading locations to their unloading points, which improves the efficiency of intra-operational delivery.
Increase Safety & Higher Flexibility
AMRs enable businesses to move materials safely with improved collaboration from low to high load transportation tasks. Using AMRs requires much less infrastructure since there are no magnetic tracks or wire strips necessary in their design. This allows businesses to optimize their shelving that best suits their workspace.
Lower Cost & Reduce Manpower
Due to less infrastructure for building AMRs and improved collaboration between machines and humans, manufacturers and distributors experience significant cost savings that directly affect their budget bottom line.

Challenge/ Requirement

An autonomous mobile robot (AMR) must navigate safely through known and unknown environments while carrying out its assigned task in different work conditions with an uninterrupted system operation indoors and outdoors.

Hence, mapping, localization, and navigation are the primary requirements for AMRs, resulting in real-time data collection from sensors and cameras with predictive-reactive capabilities that are crucial in AMR applications. AMR requires a powerful edge AI computing performance to quickly process and execute sequential movements. In addition, numerous I/O interfaces for limited space are needed to connect with industrial cameras, sensors, batteries, gyroscopes, displays, and various electronic components.

Cervoz Solution for AMRs

The ability of AMRs to operate in various complex and flexible environments depends on reliable and durable storage and memory solutions in their design.
Trusted Industrial Embedded Module SSD 
Reliability in Complex Environments
AMRs must perform complex real-time machine vision analysis and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms. AMRs, like edge processors, must have sufficient processing and storage capabilities to perform the required complex processing. The Cervoz T376 family of storage products provides high capacity and high transmission speed ability to solve these challenges. Created with features including the high IOPS, 3D TLC-technology storage modules arrive in a wide temperature version with thermal sensors, conformal coating, a DRAM buffer, and the Cervoz Powerguard (power loss protection). Together, these features enable the products to perform at their optimum despite the AMRs operating in different temperature conditions. The Cervoz T376 family is in diverse form factors, from mainstream 2.5" SATA, m SATA SSD, and M.2 2280, all compliant with the SATA III interface. They would be the ideal selections for AMR applications.
Extremely Durable with 
Superior Performance DRAM Module
To add more endurance to performance, the Cervoz DDR4 wide-temperature SO-DIMM offer wide temperature flexibility (-40° to 85°C) and superior performance, a small form factor, ultra-low power consumption, and excellent reliability. All features make them perfect for space-constrained industrial applications, including AMRs.
Expand Connections
The Cervoz expansion cards provide extra I/O ports, technology, and functions. With Cervoz MEC products (MEC-WiFi/MEC-LAN/MEC-COM), AMRs can do more beyond their connectivity limits and expectations.

Cervoz memory and storage solutions are ideal for many of the demanding operating conditions and functions of AMRs. We deliver high reliability and stability for specific robotic tasks. Whether designing solutions for industries such as logistics, medical, delivery, or hospitality, Cervoz has solutions to meet AMRs application requirements. Contact Cervoz to accelerate your AMRs deployment.