Our Core Competencies

At Cervoz, we listen to our customers’ demands and feedback. We understand what you need, and with our experience and expertise, we deliver highly reliable and compatible products for your industrial applications. With any Cervoz product, you are guaranteed the following:


Industrial-Grade Design
We use superior original Flash and DRAM ICs (from brands like Micron, Toshiba, Samsung, ISSI, etc.), high-quality components, and rugged mechanical materials for the industrial-grade design of our products. All Cervoz products are engineered with unique industrial features and come in both standard and wide operating temperature options.
Unified Product Management & Production Flow
Regardless of the product series or the technology, we develop our products with one unified management system and production flow. All Cervoz products are processed using the same, stringent procedures in order to meet the highest industrial standards.

Long-term Product Availability
We design our products using components with a long lifecycle and produce our products with “Long-term Product Availability Management” to ensure our modules are available in the long term for the market’s needs. 
Fixed BOM (Bill of Materials) Principle
We manage all our products with a fixed BOM principle, meaning that we do not make changes to any of the components after the products have been launched. If, however, a change must be made (due to factors out of our control), we will issue a PCN (Product Change Notification) and aid our customers in their smooth transition before any action is taken. Our customers who purchase Cervoz products are guaranteed a locked BOM.

High Reliability
Reliability has always been our main focus as a company. From design and engineering verification to production and quality control, Cervoz performs the most rigorous inspections and testing before launching a product. These include visual inspections, compatibility tests, performance tests, reliability burn-in tests, environmental tests, power cycling tests and others by request. The result is that Cervoz products are all REACH, RoHS, CE and FCC-certified and provide the highest level of reliability in performance.
Top Compatibility
Our R&D expertise has produced products that are highly compatible with multiple distinct PC platforms. Cervoz performs various tests with different PC configurations to guarantee the full compatibility of our Flash and DRAM modules.